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Frequently Asked Questions

A science(VED) which deals with complete health of human being(AYU). Ayurveda is not only a pathy which provides us medicine but it is complete life style. When you live it you become healthy and wealthy by means of body, mind and soul.
It is an ancient art of diagnosing diseases by means of pulse and imbalances of doshas i.e. vata ,pitta and kaph. We can get maximum information related with diseases and mind body relationship with the help of Nadi-parikshan.
Panchkarma means five actions which detoxifies excessive imbalances brought in human body by different doshas. Broadly we can say Vaman for kapha imbalance, Virechan for pitta imbalance, Basti or Vasti for vata imbalance, Raktamokshan for impurity of blood and lymph.
As previously said Ayurveda is a science which has its particular life style according to prakruti (constitution), rutu (season) , according to kal (time), agnibal (power), desh(geographic conditions). If we all follow the schedule we will not face so many disease.
Ayurveda says that the root cause of diseases is mostly apposite type of foods and foods against constitution and seasons. All do’s and don’ts for food preparation are well described in Ahar-Shastra. Time is also important when you are eating? what you are eating? how you are eating? All these points are also important along with food we eat. Chinese Medicine Science also describes various meridian or energy level of our body according to the time.
We can help you by guiding according to Ayurveda nadipariksha, improving life style, changing your food habits, upgrading your life style, adding spirituality by means of music meditation, counselling color therapy, marma, panchkarma, breathing techniques much more therapies for improving your beauty of body as well as mind.