Dr. Lalit Jain ‘s



Ayurveda is made from two words “Ayu” means our life and “Veda” means knowledge about life. The science which deals with the knowledge and different aspects of life is Ayurveda. It is ancient old age Indian science of preventive measures, lifestyle, treatment of diseases and herbal medicine. In ayurveda science “Sushrut” is called as father of surgery and “Charak” is called as father of medicine.
Ayurveda is basically based on the theory of five elements, air, fire, water, ether, and earth. Out of these five elements, two elements remain constant worldwide that is earth and ether(space), remaining three air, fire, water is always changing according to the geological situation of the country or particular place in the country. Some parts of the country are dry, humid, warm in nature and feel of the environment may vary accordingly. Our human body reacts according to changes in our surrounding.
Ayurveda having the basic concept of constititution of a human body according to Tridosha theory that is VATA ( Air+Ether ) PITTA ( Fire+Water ) KAPHA ( Water+Earth ) combination of five elements in Tridoshas (tri-means three and doshas- means factor). According to the role of five elements and tridoshas our body is working in the following manner, air and ether bring the movement of the body i.e. blood flow, movement of food in the gut, sensation, motor functions, etc. Earth and water bring cohesion mean building a bond for example muscles, tendons, cartilage, organs, etc. Fire and water bring the transformation i.e. digestion of food, absorption, keep our body flexible.
Air and fire bring the lightness in our body. This theory called tridoshas theory and five elements theory. According to the contents of this five elements in the human body, we consider it percentage wise forms the personality of the individual, as we have personalities that decide your liking and food habits, nature, behavior, mental status, emotional level, etc. Ayurveda science broadly described and suggests diet, exercise, medicine, day to day activity according to the personality of that particular individual as described most likely by the geological situation, seasons, climatic changes where we are living.