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GANADHAR AYUCARE Situated in center of India Nagpur, a district in Maharashtra state, a green city of Vidarbha and the fastest developing city of Asia. It is one of the Best Pulse Diagnosis and Ayurveda Treatment Center of central India governed and run by Dr.(Vaidya) Lalit Jain.

Founder and Director

Founder of Ayurveda according to Veda was Brahma and knowledge of Ayurveda is passed to the humans by God Dhanvantari. Ayurveda is worlds’ best science of health and preventive medicine. These best Services, diagnosis and treatments areprovided at Ganadhar Ayucare Ayurveda Clinic by Dr.(Vaidya) Lalit Jain BAMS (AYURVEDACHARYA) and his team of doctors.
Specialties of Dr.(Vaidya) Lalit Jain :
  • Graduate degree in ayurveda from Maharashtra and practicing in Ayurveda since last 18 years.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Vedang Jyotish.
  • Expertise in Pulse Diagnosis, Panchakarma, Marma, Healing Therapies.
  • Working on preventive medicines for heart, kidney, liver diseases and life style, management counselor
  • Founder president of public society Ganadhar Seva Foundation and Research centre Nagpur.
  • Active Member of NIMA.
  • Active Member of Ayurveda Vyaspith.
  • Active Member of International Ayurved Academy.
  • Active Member of Botanical Society.
  • Done many projects on Ayurveda Nadipariksha with engineering students to prove tradition to technology by means of sensor and reading of pulse.
  • Worked as Ayurveda consultant for Sri Sri Ayurveda and Panchkarma, Nagpur.
  • Created awareness about Ayurveda in so many corporate Houses.
  • Certified Ano-Rectal Practitioner.
  • Studied about ancient Vastu Shastra and Medico astrology.
  • Socially  involved with so many projects for welfare of society.
  • Conducted so many camps for awareness and propagation forAyurveda.
  • Given many programs on Akashwani on Ayurveda remedies.
  • Worked as counselor for many students and patient for mental health.
  • Continuously visiting and doing work for Ayurveda in different areas and district around Nagpur.
  • Provides Healing Therapies Music, Marma, Meditation and Psychoneurobics  Treatment Along With Ayurveda Medicine.